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Youth and Family

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Nursery is available from 9:45 - 11:15 a.m. each Sunday morning. 

Sunday School (Preschool - 5th Grade)

Faith formation in Sunday school starts in pre-school and continues until 5th grade. Weekly Sunday school meets 10:00 - 10:50 a.m. parallel to the service and follows the the public school calendar.  Students start in worship and dismissed after the children's sermon. Class activities include Bible stories, singing, crafts and games. 

Sunday School:    
Starting January 8th through the rest of the school year, a Children’s Church format will replace the full Sunday school program.  This time will be concurrent with worship, with the children leaving at the beginning of the Gospel and returning to families during the Sharing of the Peace/Announcements.  Children’s Church will include a Bible story, snack and brief activity, as time allows. 

Children's Worship Bulletins: 
Children's book bags (ages 3 - 12) are available in the narthex (near the sancturary entry).  Bags contain books, pencils to write with and a treat.  Please return bags after the worship service to the floor bin at the back of the sacturary.  

Children's worship bulletins (ages 3-12) are available from the ushers and lectionary based Bible verse and learning games. Also, there is a secret code within each bulletin to access electronic games from home by going to Games.ChildrensBulletins.com

Spark Bibles Available 
Bible stories accessible to children and colorful illustrations are featured in the Spark Bible. Hardcover copies are available at Sunday School for $20. This is the Bible used for the stories read in Sunday School. Bibles are provided to third grade class.

First Communion Classes
Traditionally for fifth-graders, this is also open to younger youth. This is for parents as well as your youth, generally taught during Lent.

Confirmation (6th - 9th Grade) 

Concordia's students begin confirmation when they enter sixth grade. Confirmation takes place on Reformation Sunday (the last Sunday in October) during students' ninth grade year. 

Concordia’s Confirmation program for 6th to 8th grades for the coming year will be a joint program with Family of God and Kenwood   Lutheran Churches.  We will meet at each of the three churches for about 8 weeks at a time.

The pastors at all three churches will participate in classes each week.  Our focus for this year will be Luther and the Small Catechism.  Classes will be 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday evenings.  This year there will not be a supper served before classes. 

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Youth Expense Form

Senior Highyouthlogo.gif (18151 bytes) (CY) (9th-12th Grade)

Wednesday gathering are at  7:00 -8:30 pm upstairs in youth room.

Youthworks Website (Summer Trip)

Shareholder Fundraiser

Family (All Ages)

The Mighty CLUCS (Concordia LUtheran Community Softball )

Our church softball league (YMCA) plays during the summer months to promote fellowship and health in a relaxed recreational atmosphere.  No previous experience is necessary.  This is a family league for ages 12 and older.  The only requirement is the desire to have fun.  The games are played on Tuesdays (time varies between 6:00 - 9:00 pm) at UMD in a summer church league.  Contact Mark Morse.

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