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Sydney Walker

Sydney Jorgensen Walker is a reporter for the Church News. She graduated from the BYU journalism program in 2017. She previously wrote for the Faith section in the Deseret News and worked as an assistant in the Priesthood and Family Department at Church headquarters. You can email her at and follow her on Twitter @sydney_walker31

As an Apostle of Jesus Christ, President M. Russell Ballard frequently taught about the power and importance of councils at church and at home. Here are some of his teachings.

Recent donations from the Church include new school desks in Guatemala, access to clean drinking water in Colombia and cooking kits for soup kitchens in Peru.

What has President Nelson invited Latter-day Saints to do? Here is a look at some of his invitations since January 2018.

“We believe this collaboration is and will be a testament to the power of music to bridge diverse cultures and communities,” says Morehouse College Glee Club president.

For those who are deaf and hard of hearing, the Church offers ASL adult religion classes and ASL seminary and institute. Learn more about the benefits of these classes and how to sign up.

“My dear brothers and sisters, how and where and with whom do you want to live forever? You get to choose,” President Russell M. Nelson said.

“It is my prayer that each one of us may hear, in this profound parable, the Father’s voice calling us to enter the road that leads home,” said Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

“I testify that ‘peaceable followers of Christ’ will find personal peace in this life and a glorious heavenly reunion,” said Elder Quentin L. Cook.

“There is no place for prejudiced thoughts or actions in the community of Saints,” said Elder Ulisses Soares.

“In these last days, perhaps our greatest work will be with our loved ones — good people living in a wicked world,” said Sister Tamara W. Runia.

“Spiritual preparation for the coming of the Lord is not only essential but the only way to find true peace and happiness,” said Sister Amy A. Wright.

“You who today are pressing forward in the path of your duty are the strength of the Savior’s restored Church,” said Elder David A. Bednar.

Loren L. Toussaint, professor of psychology at Luther College, shares some of the scientifically validated health benefits of forgiveness.

With President Nelson’s emphasis on forgiveness, the Church News spoke to three researchers who have done definitive work on forgiveness and health.

In honor of President Nelson’s 99th birthday, see a chronological list of announcements and changes that have happened in the Church since he became Prophet.

See a timeline of events from President Russell M. Nelson’s personal life, professional life and service in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

With President Nelson’s recent emphasis on forgiveness, the Church News spoke to three BYU professors who have studied forgiveness in close relationships such as marriage and family.

“Our purpose, in addition to knowledge and education, is preparing students for eternity,” Elder Cook said.

First of a 3-part series on forgiveness: What President Russell M. Nelson has taught

Ghassan Bikhazi was a Greek Orthodox Christian in Beirut, Lebanon, when he read the Book of Mormon for the first time. He joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1969.

As president of the Church, President Russell M. Nelson works daily with people who sometimes see an issue differently. Here are six ways he has learned to disagree in a Christlike way.

Jayson Jesperson, a Latter-day Saint from Chula Vista, California, represented the United States in golf at the 2023 Special Olympics World Games in Berlin, Germany.

The Church provided the largest volunteer group at the Special Olympic World Games 2023 — young adults representing 48 countries.

“Preach My Gospel” chapter 7: At 2023 Seminar for New Mission Leaders, Elder Ulisses Soares gives five principles to help missionaries teach boldly and clearly.

In a video at the Seminar for New Mission Leaders, President Russell M. Nelson explained the purpose and objective of the “Preach My Gospel” second edition.

Latter-day Saints hosted FamilySearch booths at 20 Juneteenth events in 20 cities across Georgia. Here’s what it meant to the community.

The Church’s $500,000 donation will help renovate the NAACP Memphis Branch for MyBaby4Me meetings and other community functions.

Baptized at age 13 in Canada, 87-year-old Jean Wirrick encourages all to befriend new converts.

Twin brothers Rafael and Sebastian Van Dyke were sustained as bishops in the Atlanta, Georgia, area within three weeks of each other. Here’s their story.

From the Ivory Coast to Australia to Peru, here’s how Church leaders and members are promoting religious freedom.