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Rachel Sterzer Gibson

Rachel is a reporter for the Church News, sharing stories intended to inspire, enlighten and build faith.

Sister Paramore, wife of the late Elder James M. Paramore, died Sunday, Nov. 26, at age 91.

“We all have talents, gifts and abilities that ask for nothing more than the opportunity to blossom and thrive,” the Presiding Bishop taught.

A scripture helped remind her “that my Heavenly Father was with me every shot along the way.”

A recent invitation issued by President Nelson to attend institute “is just another example ... of how much Heavenly Father loves His young adults.”

In two videos released globally, President Nelson promised this invitation would help them address the difficult challenges in their lives.

During the worldwide devotional, Elder Cook shared that young adults around the globe “share similar longings, aspirations and concerns.”

During an Ensign College devotional, Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf also paid tribute to his “dear friend” President Ballard.

In the Okinawa dedicatory prayer, the Apostle acknowledged the many who suffered “deprivation, hardship, even loss of life through the tragedy of war.”

President Ballard served for 47 years as a general Church leader, and was the longest serving general authority in the Church.

BYU professor Jenet Erickson testifies of “The Grand Story of Our Eternal Family,” during BYU–Pathway Worldwide devotional.

The Church and the Kiribati government recently partnered to help some of the outer islands get clean drinking water.

The First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional will be held on Sunday, Dec. 3, with music provided by The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square.

President Eyring wrote he was both “humbled and grateful” for the prayers and service rendered to him and his family since Sister Eyring “passed onto the other side of the veil.”

Brother and Sister Tanner speak during Halloween forum about honoring the dead — or the past builders of BYU.

Knowing its importance, did Brigham Young dedicate the St. George temple? The answer is complicated

The Mou Tham family, featured in President Monson’s 2011 conference address, recently returned to the Hamilton temple to celebrate the 50th anniversary of being sealed there.

In a written tribute, President Nelson said Sister Eyring’s matchless life is a cause for “celestial celebration.”

A public viewing will be held on Friday, Oct. 20, with the funeral held on Saturday, Oct. 21.

Sister Browning taught BYU–Pathway Worldwide students lessons, principles and truths from Moses’ face-to-face experience with God.

Brigham Young University, originally known as Brigham Young Academy, was founded Oct. 16, 1875.

Sister Kathleen Johnson Eyring — a wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother — is remembered for a life of serving others, strengthening family.

After a life of service to her family, the Church and community, Sister Ayala passed away in Valparaíso, Chile.

The former Young Women general president, who finished her general Church service on Aug. 1, will serve as the university’s 10th president.

Elder Christofferson, President Freeman, Elder Pearson and Elder Gilbert participate in education devotional broadcast throughout all of Utah.

During the installation, Elder D. Todd Christofferson tasks President Meredith with preserving the hallmarks of a BYU–Idaho education.

As he prepares for his inauguration, President Alvin F. Meredith talks about what he’s learned and what he loves about the the school he’s been called to lead.

“Bless Thy faithful sons and daughters in this part of Thy vineyard with Thy love and Thine encircling arms of mercy.”

“I invite you to take the long view — an eternal view” and “put Jesus Christ first,” says President Nelson during recent conference.

President Oaks, President Eyring and Elder Soares greeted Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mata’afa of the Independent State of Samoa, in the Church Administration Building.

What’s changed and what’s original following the renovation of the historic St. George Utah Temple, which will be rededicated in December.