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From the Pastor

It is almost here! One of the most wonderful days of the year, a day of celebration, singing, and feasting! A day of inexpressible hope! Thatís right, it will soon be the opening day of the baseball season! What joy! After a pre-season of preparation, the teams are ready for the big day, what could be the inaugural game of a championship year.

Iím sorry. Now Iíve noticed that I have, perhaps, led you on? I mean, it is April and Easter is also fast approaching. It, too, is a wonderful day of celebration and hope, singing and feasting.  And it is also the opening day of Godís own death-defying, kingdom bringing, cosmos transforming, universe shattering season. Everything Jesus had been doing was the pre-season, a preparing of the people for the reign of God to come when the first would be last and the last would be first, when healing would come to the broken, sight to the blind, and      people would be free from the demons that possessed them. Then it appeared that the season was over before it had even begun. Jesus was executed as an enemy to state and religion. Like forlorn Twins and Brewers fans (of which I am both), his disciples abandoned all hope before the season had started. Then it happened. The opening day of the new heavens and new earth. Jesus was raised from the dead and now the season seems to be on a quite different trajectory.

 As Easter approaches, prepare to be surprised by what God has done and is doing today. Easter was just opening day, the very first inning of Godís recreating all things with resurrection power. We do not know what inning we are in now, but we do know that we are more than fans. We have been invited to play the game.

We believe the promise that we are headed towards the championship and so we let that amazing opening day set us on the path to get there. We love our enemies and serve others. We trust that God has set us right with God and each other. We work for peace and justice in the world and advocate for the powerless. We share with others that they are loved and forgiven. Each day of the season is a struggle, but we go forward trusting that the resurrection power present on that opening day is at work now and will get us through to the end.

Letís play ball!

 Pastor Jeff

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