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From the Pastor

My seminary experience was monumentally enriched by the presence of classmates from around the world. There were students from Palestine, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Hong Kong,
Germany, and Norway. Each brought to us their own unique experience and perspectiveÖand food! In a small way,
the coming together of students from different parts of the world, different states, different theological practices and traditions, and languages, made us into a vision of Godís future as
experienced at Pentecost.  Lest we get to thinking that Godís grace and the gift of faith is only for people who look, think, and talk like us, the Pentecost story stands as a reminder of
the reality that what God is up to is always beyond my tribe or area or denomination.

We need to be reminded of that sometimes, to be ushered outside of our comfort zones and opened up to what
God is doing. This is who the Spirit is! The Spirit is always leading us to Jesus, with whom we can experience, with the
whole array of peoples and cultures and languages, the transforming love that makes everything new. How might the Spirit be opening the people of Concordia to a deeper
understanding and wider vision of what it mean to be Godís church? Who in our community might the Spirit be leading
us to for transformation and renewal? How can we be a vision of the world as it will be when all is made new?

Pastor Jeff

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