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From the Pastor

During worship throughout September, we are continuing to encounter God's Word for us today in the Old Testament readings, now in Exodus. The story of God's liberation of God's people from bondage is as powerful a story now as it ever has been. We, too, are in bondage. Enslaved to privilege. Chained by greed. Held down by hatred and prejudice. Held back by apathy and antipathy. We need to hear again that God desires our freedom and that God actually frees us! With the continuing fallout from Charlottesville, the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, the possibility of conflict with North Korea, we and others need to know that we are embraced by this Word from God that frees us from our sin, shame, and self-centeredness. 

 Concordia is a community where encounter with this Word of freedom is central. Beginning again in September, will be the gathering of Sandwich and Scripture, a weekly, lunchtime gathering where we    listen to the upcoming readings for worship. Faith formation for our young people will start anew with a possible fresh option called New Path, where young people and their families will gather periodically to be formed for faith education at home. Our young adults will convene as a confirmation class, learning to listen for God's message for them in scripture, rather than glean it for information. Adults will have the opportunity to integrate God's liberating story and intention for the world with the geo-political-theological situation in Palestine as they gather as Deeper Things, an adult study group that enjoys reading and discussion. 

 How will you hear anew God's freeing Word for you? How is God liberating you from the chains that bind you? 


 Pastor Jeff

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